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"I wish somebody would tell us how much we get paid..." - Monkey

Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg, better known as Monkey, is a member of theMetal Maniacs as well as the team's mechanic. He is voiced by Andrew Duncan.


He is a scrawny white man with red ginger hair, covered by a gray cap. He has a long thin soul patch, and wears a gray suit with various kinds of belts and pockets.


Monkey is a bit jumpy and nervous, but is also very friendly and despite being an Metal Maniac also very Neutral. He usually hangs around Porkchop, and has a crush on Lani. Though, he is also very smart, as shown when he built the robot "Sparky" and created a new version of Nitrox called Nitrox 3 1/2.

Meet the Drivers Description

"Mitch “Monkey” McClurg is the Metal Maniac's resident mechanical wizard. He’s a lot more comfortable in the garage tuning up the teams cars than behind the wheel."[1]


Before Acceleracers

Not much is known about Monkey's past.


He is the sixth driver to enter the Acceledrome. He races in the Storm Realm, and then rides with Porkchop during the Swamp Realm.

The Speed of Silence

This is the episode where Monkey created Nitrox 3 1/2. During the Metro Realm, Monkey is forced to drive Spinebuster, much to the dismay of Mark Wylde. During the realm, Monkey loses Spinebuster to a Drone Sweeper, having to be rescued by Tork Maddox, along with Nolo Pasaro. After a brief battle, the Sweeper was destroyed, and Monkey and Tork safely escaped the realm in Hollowback, although Wylde was quite angry over the loss of his beloved car.

Breaking Point

Monkey's biggest role in any of the movies is in Breaking Point, being the creator of Sparky from Racing Drone parts. During the events of the Junk Realm, Porkchop brings Monkey along with him to destroy a Drone Sweeper by ramming Old Smokey into the Sweeper to save the other Metal Maniacs, using the E.D.R. to escape before the explosion.

The Ultimate Race

Monkey's role in The Ultimate Race is much smaller, but he did drive a Drone Sweeper into the Drone Headquarters.


  1. Rollin' Thunder
  2. Jack Hammer (passenger and mechanic)
  3. Old Smokey (passenger and mechanic)
  4. Rat-ified
  5. Drone Sweeper
  6. Spine Buster (Metro Realm)



  • Monkey has a picture of Vert's mom on his dresser. It can be seen before the Metro Realm opens. This is probably due to reused assets.
  • Monkey can be heard saying “I wish Porkchop was here” in the Storm Realm, before he appears later in the movie.[2]
  • He is either a passenger or a driver of almost every vehicle in his team.


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