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The Motorcycle Drone is a Racing Drone first seen in Breaking Point. Its only known purpose is to drive the motorcycle RD-07.


The Motorcycle Drones are very different from RD-S1 and RD-L1, as its structure and strength is lower than a human's, they can easily be overpowered and even ripped in half by human attacks.

It has a conical shaped head with a green glowing stripe on its forehead, it has the six markings of the Accelerons as it's only facial characteristics. It has the Racing Drones logo on his chest and green squares on it's shoulders. It has the iconical luminescent green wires on it's abdomen and it's structure is overall thin and weak.



  • Presumably, this is the only racing drone to drive a motorcycle.
  • The Motorcycle Drone, alongside RD-07, is the weakest drone in the fleet. It can be seen not even be able to withstand a single punch of Pork Chop.
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