The Neon-Pipeline Realm takes drivers through huge pipes, and sometimes even on them. On the inside, neon lights illuminate the track, and parts pop out of the bottom. Some parts of the pipe are missing, or have holes in them, while others shrink in size. There are also doors that close at a steady rate, and other tracks branching off of the main one. Drafting is one skill the drivers must master and driving at all degrees, in order to win this realm.

​Drivers and CarsEdit

Human Drivers

Nolo Pasaro - SpecTyte

Shirako Takamoto - Nightlife

Karma Eiss - Chicane

Deezel "Porkchop" Riggs - Jaw Jammer

Mitchell "Monkey" McClurg - Rollin' Thunder

Taro Kitano - Rivited

Dr. Peter Tezla - Nitrium

Racing Drones

Sweeper Driver - Drone Sweeper

MD-01 (x30) - RD-07 (x30)


Major Wheeler - Iriduim (divides into 2 Magnesiums)

Silencer - Covelight

Silencer - Anthracite

Silencer - Technetium

Silencer - Accelium


The Neon Pipeline Realm portal.

(First appearance of: Spec-tyte, Jaw Jammer, Nightlife, Accelium, Technetium, RD-07, Magnesium, Anthracite)

Winner: Major Wheeler


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    The Neon Pipeline Realm.

    This is the first realm that introduces Motorcycles.
  • Of the four types of motorcycles seen in this realm only two were used again.
  • This is the only realm Dr. Tezla races in.
  • This marks the third time the Silencerz have stolen victory from Taro.
  • This is the first of two realms that takes place in space. The other is (obviously), The Cosmic realm
  • Taro is the only non-newcomer racer to enter this realm.
  • This is the only known realm where Lani Tam picks the drivers to enter the realm.
  • In this realm the sweeper shoots out 30 RD-07's