Nightlife is one of the only 2 known Motorcycles driven by the Teku. It makes its debut on Breaking Point, alongside with the other three motorcycles.


Shirako drives Nightlife in the Neon-Pipeline Realm because Bassline is still being rebuilt after falling off the Cliffside Realm. During the race, Nightlife is crashed by a racing drone bikes' mounted cannon. However, it can still be seen intact afterward and is driven out of the realm by Shirako.

The bike is seen again when Vert rides it in the Ruins Realm. In the realm, Vert and Nolo split up, and Vert ends up running into one of the Golems. Vert wipes out trying to stop before he hits the golem. He skids and hits the golems' foot, knocking the bike over onto his leg, severely damaging it.

The bike was left in the Ruins Realm when Nolo comes to save Vert from being crushed by the golem.


  • 170 HP
  • 1500cc
  • DOHC Inline 4
  • Carbon Fiber/Aluminum Frame
  • Titanium Wheels
  • 16” Front Wheels
  • 20” Back


Shirako riding Nightlife in the Neon-pipeline Realm.


  • There is a contradiction between the owner of the bike. In the Car gallery on the Ignition DVD, it says Vert owns the bike. However, during a conversation in the mess hall between Nolo and Lani, Nolo says "Shirako's gonna ride his motorcycle...".
  • Nightlife must have been built in the Acceledrome as neither Vert nor Shirako arrives with them.
  • Both realms it goes into Karma and Nolo are the other two Teku racers.
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