Itrox 2 bottles


Nitrox 2 is a special boost formula created by Dr. Tezla that increases the speed of the vehicle to exactly 300 MPH. It is the required speed needed to pass through the portals to the other dimensions. However Nitrox 2 is explosive and can detonate if set or exposed to excessive heat. Damaging Nitrox 2 Canisters and using them can also result in backfire. Nitrox 2 also makes engines and flames turn blue.


Series 1 Nitrox 2Edit

In the World Race, every car was installed with Nitrox 2 which was needed to pass through the portals. At that time Nitrox 2 Canisters were very different because they had a button to set a Nitrox 2 Canister to explode upon movement. Nitrox 2 also would force a car to go 300 MPH. Nitrox 2 is also the liquid used on Jump Jets in Wave Ripper Cars.

Series 2 Nitrox 2Edit

In Acceleracers, Nitrox 2 had changes made for safety. They no longer forced a car to go 300MPH since electric boosters had done that. They were also very easy to install on a car of any kind. And they were not set to go off by button as they could only explode if they were exposed to very little heat (Such as a spark) It is also used on Teku cars for the Jump Jets.