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For other Nitrox canisters, see Nitrox (disambiguation).

Nitrox 2 is a boost formula created by Dr. Tezla that increases the speed of the vehicle to exactly 300mph. It is the required speed needed to pass through the portals to the other dimensions.


World Race

In the World Race, every car was installed with Nitrox 2 which was needed to pass through the portals. Zed-36 modifies one of the canisters to cause them to explode.


Nitrox2 2.jpeg

In Acceleracers, it is also used on Teku cars for the Jump Jets. Monkey modifies this formula to create Nitrox 3 1/2.

Nitrox 2’s appearance in Acceleracers.


  • The design of the canisters were changed between World Race and Acceleracers.