Nitrox 3.5 is Monkey's version of Dr. Tesla's Nitrox 2. It was made to be capable to reach 300 in reverse, however, it seems if you attempt to use this formular going forwards rather than reverse, your car's engine will blow, unintentionally demonstrated by Tork Maddox. When Monkey known about how it had various bugs with it, he decided to tweak his formula at the Formula Creation Table, so it can be able to be perfected until he will use it sometime soon.

Description Edit

Nitrox 3.5 is bassicaly a specialized formula, recreated by Monkey in his attempt to create his idea of how well the teams' car will handle the speed 300 in inverted driving. Overtime as his formula is done, it was used by Taro Kitano in Speed of Silence when his car was joined with two Racing Drone cars, after leaving, this was where the Nitrox 3.5 was gone to and his car was able to handle it and without Monkey's aid in developing the complete version, he would have been stuck in the Highly dangerous visit into the Drone Headquarters.


  • With each time the Nitrox 3.5 was used it noticeably didn't mess with the Natural Telza-made Nitrox, and it seemed that there were two seperate tanks. Furthermore, that tank can be found in Breaking Point during the Neon-Pipeline Realm when it shows Monkey's tank's in his car.
  • Also it is unknown what happened to the Nitrox 3.5, it leaves the question if the supply of it was destroyed with the Acceledome after Self-Destruction, along with the Nitrox.