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The Nitrox 3 1/2 is a modified Nitrox 2 which allows a car to reach 300mph in reverse, however, it seems if you attempt to use this formula going forwards rather than reverse, your car's engine will blow, unintentionally demonstrated by Tork Maddox. Monkey eventually tweaked his formula so would work flawlessly.


Nitrox 3 1/2 is a specialized fuel, recreated by Monkey that allows cars to drive at 300 in reverse.

Overtime as his formula is done,

Speed of Silence

it was used by Taro Kitano in Speed of Silence when he was dragged through the Water Realm portal and entered the Drones' Headquarters. Taro used the fuel to escape through the portal in reverse.

Fuel status screen.


  • With each time the Nitrox 3 1/2 was used it noticeably didn't mess with the natural Tezla-made Nitrox, and it seemed that there were two separate tanks. Furthermore, that tank can be found in Breaking Point during the Neon-Pipeline Realm when it shows Monkey's tank's in his car.
  • The fire from the Nitrox 3 1⁄2 is brighter and more white compared to the Nitrox 2's fire. It's unknown if the color has been slightly changed or because of the bloom and lighting from the Drone's H.Q. 
  • It is implied that Taro was using Nitrox 3 1/2 when he escaped from the Drone's H.Q. in reverse. However, once he is back in the Water Realm, he uses it again to cut time, this time going forwards. Because that Nitrox 3 1/2 only works in reverse, this would've been impossible to do without Taro destroying his car, unless he somehow switched to Nitrox 2 while in the realm. This is unlikely, since that requires physically taking out the Nitrox 3 1/2 tank and putting the '2 tank in. Even if he managed to do so, he only had 20 minutes to finish the realm and this would've taken too long.