Nolo Pasaro is the co-leader of the Teku Team during the events of AcceleRacers. He is possibly a 19 year old Latino male, and his older brother, Tone, died when he crashed Synkro in a race with Tork Maddox. As to this day, he kept his brother's necklace on the Highway 35 sign to make his brother's memorial to symbolize his passion for driving and to keep his brother's passion as well inscribed into it.


Nolo Pasaro has a passion for driving, and he is persistent in trying to prove the Teku are better than the Metal Maniacs. When Nolo lost his brother, Tone, he developed a hate and rivalry for Tork, thinking he killed him in their race. In the Ultimate Race, he accepts the fact that his death was caused by a mistake made in Tone's driving and it caused Tone to drift too far and lose his life in the turns, and wasn't Tork's fault.


Vert WheelerEdit

As a part of the Teku Team, Nolo seems to enjoy Vert's stay, and almost it seems to get him in the way of his hatred for Metal Maniacs. However, it seems that Nolo has a motivation and believes Vert can do anything that he does, such as when Vert was going after Gelorum, Nolo said "He can do it!"


Before the events of Ignition, in a flashback, it seemed Tone was an idol to Nolo, this is where his passion for driving developed from, and it seemed that they loved to race together, as such when Tork pushed the side of his brother's car, it made him lose control of his steering, and died in an explosion. Until Nolo woke up, it seemed the spirit of his brother was still with him (except he says nothing) However, as the current time he managed to team up with the Teku, his burning passion of driving and his brother's necklace, reveal that Nolo will continue driving for his brother. It's also unknown of their past and what happened before, but it shows they may have had a fun life, a burning passion for cars and their trust of their bond.