Noloaf is an YouTube content creator, creating video essays and theories about Acceleracers.


Noloaf created the channel on December 6th, 2016.[1] His first video, "AcceleRacers: Easter Eggs (Part 1)" was uploaded on December 31st, 2017.[2]

He was later featured in the first episode of HyperPodCast, with fellow content creator RandomWizKid as host, on February 27, 2019.[3]

His last video, "The Case for the Redesigns" was uploaded on March 30th, 2018, and he has not uploaded to his channel since.[4]

His latest appearance in a video was on RandomWizKid's Oddities and Details 2.[5]


As of September 2nd, 2019, Noloaf's most popular video is "Who (ACTUALLY) are the SIlencerz? (Theory)", gaining over 109,000 views.[6] His channel has over 320,000 views in total, and is at 3,976 subscribers.[1]


  • He originally only intended to make one video, but after receiving support from the community he decided to create more.
  • He was inspired to create videos by OfficialBlaze's YouTube video "10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Acceleracers".[7]
  • He is no longer proud of his second video, Irony and Subtlety.
  • Acceleracers: Easter Eggs was titled Part 1 only after the release of the second part.
  • His name was intended to be "NoloAF", but has since adopted the pronunciation of "No-loaf".
  • He is a fan of Super Smash Brothers.

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