Old Smokey is a huge flatbed truck with a pair of bull horns attached to the grill. It's called "Old Smokey" affectionately by Porkchop, who drives it. It first appears when pork chop drives into the Acceledrome, to bring replacements of Rollin Thunder, Rivited, and Jack Hammer for the Metal Maniacs. It later had an E.D.R. installed by Monkey, as well as Nitrox 2. Later Monkey fills its tanker with Nitrox 3 1/2 and adds-in an E.D.R. to try and "tow out" the abandoned cars left by the E.D.R. Old Smokey is later destroyed in the Junk Realm when it is driven into a drone sweeper by Porkchop and Monkey, and was the first vehicle to have its E.D.R. "Piggyback" a passenger.

Features: Edit

  • Tanker Trailer
  • Bull horns
  • Flatbed with space for 3 Cars
  • E.D.R.

Drivers: Edit