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RD-02 is a car with an insect-like appearance in the Racing Drones lineup that is driven by RD-S1. It makes it's first appearance in the Water Realm where many of the models follow RD-08 and aid RD-L1 in winning the realm.


Water Realm

There were 3 notable RD-02 models in the Water Realm. The first one did not land the jump while surfacing and barrel rolled until it landed upside down on the track. The second one purposely lost control of his vehicle on a hydroplane and turned sideways when it was T-Boned by Taro at the end of the track. Taro pushed the car all the way up until they emerged from the portal in the Racing Drone's HQ and the car flew off the side of the ramp down into the lobby area. The final one rear ended Taro after he T-Boned the second RD-02, and pushed Rivited all the way through the portal. Just like the RD-02 in front, it flew off the ramp to the side when it came through.

Metro Realm

Nine RD-02 models were seen in the Metro Realm. The first one was seen tailing Kurt while he was navigating through the streets. Moments later it was knocked off the road by a Realm Truck.The next 3 were seen following Taro up the parking ramp. When Taro reached the top of the ramp, he engaged his Lava Plow and began to drive towards the RD-02's. The first one he comes in contact with is shoved off of the building and smashes into a parked realm car on a lower level of the parking garage, where it explodes on impact. The second one tries to dodge Taro's plow, but is too late and the car is shoved off the side of the building. The car then falls onto the street below. Tork is forced to dodge the car, but the RD-02 causes Nolo to crash and Synkro is overturned in an intersection. The RD-S1 that was driving the car can be seen squirming while being crushed by a Swamp Track as a result of Nolo using the Swamp Realm accelecharger while his car is overturned. The third one does not appear for some reason, even though it is shown reaching the top of the garage with the other two, Taro makes it to the bottom safely. The next 2 are seen chasing Monkey after his encounter with the Realm Truck. After Monkey safely avoids the realm truck, he pulls over to the side of the road, taunting the truck. Then two RD-02's pull around the corner, and Monkey speeds off, the two cars chasing him. It is unknown what becomes of these cars after that. The next 3 RD-02 Models were seen driving in formation behind RD-05 towards the end of the realm. They turn around with RD-05 to go aid the Sweeper that is under attack. All 3 of the RD-02 models, plus RD-05, are destroyed in the effort to save the sweeper. A tenth RD-02 appears in the Metro Realm. It is shown at the end of the realm where it comes through the portal in the Silencerz HQ. It is revealed after it comes through the portal that it is in fact Covelight using the Silencerz car morphing technology to disguise itself as an RD-02 model.

Cliffside Realm

In the Cliffside Realm, an RD-02 can be seen at the beginning of 2.3, taking a corner ahead of an RD-06, which is being followed by Shirako. In the corner after that, the RD-06 is overtaken by Shirako. Theoretically, the RD-02 should be ahead of him and behind him should be the RD-06 he just passed. But for some reason, when it shows the track again, there is an RD-06 to the front and rear of him. It is unknown what happened to the RD-02 after that.

Ice Realm

One RD-02 can be seen in the Ice Realm. This model appears specifically in 2.6, when Gelorum alerts RD-L1 that a human driver (Taro) is ahead of him. RD-L1 jumps off the track and onto the ice while inside of the Drone constructed hyperpod that first appeared in the Storm Realm. He is followed by an RD-06, and an RD-02. RD-L1 launches the hyperpod's ram towards the Crawler Hyperpod that Taro and his car were residing in. Taro notices the ram coming towards him, and quickly ejects his car from the hyperpod. He escapes just in time, and the hyperpod is destroyed by the ram. The force of the explosion thrusts Taro's car through the air, where it lands on the track ahead of him. The RD-02 model shown does not appear again in the Ice Realm, and it is unknown what becomes of it.

Ruins Realm

In the beginning of the Ruins Realm, an RD-02 model can be seen driving ahead of the sweeper that is chasing the human drivers, in between two RD-06 cars. Another RD-02 can be seen chasing Karma along with the first RD-02, and the two RD-06's shown at the beginning of 3.1, when the track splits. One of the RD-02 models in the group crashes into a collapsed pillar on the track when they reach the top of the hill. This was caused by Karma swerving out of the way, and the RD-S1 that was driving wasn't able to react in time. Upon impact, the RD-02 loses it's front right wheel, and is send airborne, where it crashes into a standing pillar next to it and explodes on impact. The explosion causes a chain reaction of collapsing pillars, and the second RD-02 is cut off when a group of pillars fall onto the track ahead of him. The entire area is swarmed with dust, and it is unknown whether the RD-02 is destroyed or trapped.

The Ultimate Race

Several RD-02 models can be seen in the Ultimate Race, both in the Acceledrome during the Drone's siege of it,and also in the Drone's HQ, when the humans are fighting off the Drone's while Kurt is rescuing his brother. Two notable RD-02's in The Ultimate Race were both Silencerz disguised as Drones. The first one was in the Acceledrome, where Iridium was disguised as an RD-02 in a group of other RD-02's blocking the boosters onto the track to the portal. Iridium then uses the cars EMP blast to clear the other RD-02's out of the way, allowing Vert to get onto the track and chase Gelorum through the portal. Before Vert hits the booster, Iridium uncloaks itself for a short period of time until Vert hits the track, when it then re-cloaks itself as an RD-02 model. The second one can be seen in the Drone's Headquarters after the humans use the EDR to escape back to the Acceledrome. The RD-02 is revealed to actually be Technetium disguising itself as an RD-02 to safely pass through the HQ. Technetium then steals the Wheel Of Power back and takes it back to the Silencerz HQ, where it is later seen being studying by Silencerz Scientist. This is the last time an RD-02 model is seen in the series.

Die-Cast Variants

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