RD-03 is a car that is part of the Racing Drones lineup. It did not make an on-screen appearance but was released as a Die-Cast collectible car. They are drivin by RD-S1 drones.

RD-03 (Black)

RD-03 (Silver Variant)

Vehicle Specs

RD-03 features an A6 F25 hydrogen fueled turbine engine making 690 HP. It also features independent fully adjustable computer controlled suspension and all wheel drive.

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It's body is made out of carbon fiber and has 24" wheels.

Die-Cast Variants:

-2005 Acceleracers Racing Drones (Black/Green & Silvera

-2005 Acceleracers Racing Drones (Gray/Green &Silver)

-2006 Duracell Batteries Promo

-2009 Hot Wheels Color Shifters

-2010 Gorilla Attack Track Set

-2015 Super Chromes

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