RD-05 is a Racing Drones car used in the series. It seems to replace RD-08 after the Lava Realm, as both are driven by RD-L1 and both are able to transform into the Slam Ram Hyperpod.




Water Realm:

RD-05 is first seen in the Water Realm, where it transforms into the Slam Ram Hyperpod and attacks the drivers mid-race. It's driver later orders two RD-S1's to preform maneuver 7 on Taro. RD-05 wins this realm.

Metro Realm:

RD-05 is seen to be leading the pack in the Metro Realm, until it is ordered by Gelorum to turn around and defend the Sweeper from Tork and Karma. It's driver attacks Tork and Nolo, taunting them with the Swamp Realm Accelecharger, but is destroyed when it fails to notice the bridge behind it. The car was "sweeped" as it crashed into the sweeper, with 3 RD-02s.

Ice Realm:

RD-05 can be seen once again transformed into the Slam Ram Hyperpod in the Ice Realm. It is ordered by Gelorum to attack Taro, and drives off the track to do so. It is not seen after it destroys the Caterpillar Hyperpod.

Cosmic Realm:

While most of the drones turn around to attack the humans in the Cosmic Realm, RD-05 is seen actively trying to win the race. It is knocked off the track by Covelight, right at the last turn of the race.


  • 700 HP
  • CZ F35 hydrogen-fueled turbine engine
  • Fully adjustable computerized suspension
  • Technological adjustable suspension
  • AWD
  • 7-speed transmission
  • 24" front wheels
  • 24" rear wheels
  • Top speed: 279 mph


  • Forward-mounted cannon
  • Slam Ram Hyperpod compatibility


  • While RD-05 is seen driving in the Ice Realm, during the flashback in the Ruins Realm episode, RD-08 is seen driving in the Ice Realm instead.
  • The only time more than one RD-05's are seen is when the drones are attacking the Acceledrome.
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