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RD-06 is a Racing Drone vehicle, driven by RD-S1. It is one of the most commonly seen Racing Drone vehicles. RD-06 is a very disposable car, as it is seen constantly being destroyed, by human drivers, hazards in the realms, and even the Racing Drones themselves.


RD-06 was first seen in the opening segment of Ignition. RD-06 also assists in the attack on Brian Kadeem in the Storm Realm; it is shown grappling onto Krazy 8's, and then being knocked off the track by RD-08, along with Kadeem.


Die-cast Variants

Production: 2005 - 2015

  • 2005 AcceleRacers: Racing Drones #6
  • 2005 AcceleRacers Video Bundle
  • 2006 AcceleRacers
  • 2006 AcceleRacers - Realm Series
  • 2006 Batman Blasters
  • 2009 Color Shifters
  • 2010 Color Shifters
  • 2014 Double Jump Duel 5 pack
  • 2015 HW Race: Super Chromes


  • RD-06 is seen less and less as the series goes on; it is speculated that this is because it is slowly being replaced with the more advanced RD-02, starting in The Speed of Silence.
  • In some Acceleracers packages, there is a picture of the prototype variant of the RD-06, which lacks the front wing and uses Hot Hubs wheels
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