RD-07 in the Neon Pipeline Realm.

RD-07 is a Racing Drone motorcycle, which can be seen being constructed in the opening sequence of Breaking Point. Its driver, MD-01, can be seen being built directly on the motorcycle. In the Neon-Pipeline Realm, it is revealed that the Sweeper serves as a base for RD-07's, and is seen launching them out of its front after it becomes stuck. RD-07 seems to be an extremely lightweight vehicle, as it is seen flying into pieces with minimal effort.

Driver: Edit


Features: Edit

  • Accelecharger Copying Device
  • Energy Ball
  • Sweeper Compatibility

Trivia: Edit

  • Besides the Sweepers, RD-07 is the only Racing Drone vehicle used in Breaking Point, meaning that no Racing Drone cars entered the Neon-Pipeline or Junk Realm.
  • While RD-07 is able to fire energy balls like other Racing Drone vehicles, is is a much weaker version, as normal shots are seen usually destroying cars. Nightlife took a hit from RD-07, and while Shirako was flung off, the bike survived the encounter.