RD-09 is a car that is part of the Racing Drone's lineup and is driven by the Racing Drone leader Gelorum. It makes a few appearances throughout the course of the series, but is mainly showcased through all of the Ultimate Race. The first time the car appears is in the Acceleracers Mini-Episode: 3.3 Ruins Realm. It is shown in a flashback in the Storm Realm. It is then featured throughout most of the Ultimate Race. Gelorum drives it into the Acceledrome during the Siege and then uses it on the boosters to begin the Ultimate Race. It is also seen with Vert in every single one of the realms throughout the Ultimate Race. It is also shown in The Sphere, the Acceleron Track that the drivers are teleported to after the Ultimate Race is completed. At the end of The Sphere, Vert slams Reverb into RD-09 in an attempt to stop Gelorum from reaching the end of the track first. RD-09 is hurled through the air, before landing on the track. The car landed on all 4 wheels. It's two rear wings fold up behind the wheels, most likely as a safety measure. This is the last time RD-09 is seen, totaled in The Sphere.

Driver: Gelorum


  • 950 HP
  • VTX hydrogen fueled dual turbine engine
  • Fully adjustable computerized suspension
  • AWD
  • 7-speed transmission
  • Aluminium & tube framed chassis
  • Advancium body panels
  • Directional wing stability control
  • 20" front wheels
  • 22" rear wheels
  • Top speed: 305 mph



-Energy Ball

-Accelecharger Compatibility

-Grappling Hook

Die-Cast Variants:

-2005 Acceleracers Racing Drones

-2006 Acceleracers Team Colors Series

-2006 Ultimate Track 3 Pack

-2007 Batman 2 Pack

-2008 Hybrid Racers 5 Pack

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