RD-L1 is a head assistant Racing Drone that works with Gelorum in the Drones' Headquarters. He is seen driving his RD-08 throughout Ignition, but he later replaces it with an RD-05.

Appearance Edit

RD-L1 is incredibly tall standing on aproximadely 10 to 11 feet tall, it has a metal visor/mask that closes on a "Y" shape and is black/translucent green.

It has metal appendanges on certain parts of his body which the purpose is unknown, probably to blend/fuse with their vehicles as seen in the movies, where it reveals to be the entire top and side parts of the car. it has the Racing Drones's logo on his shoulders and chest, also having green letters on certain parts of his body, including his forearm.

His legs bend in three different parts and end in a giant foot with two giant headlight-like toes. It can be speculated that these toes are really the headlights of the car it drives according to the "theory" above that it merges with it's car when driving.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the highest rank of drone to ever exist in the Racing Drones' hierarchy, losing only to Gelorum herself.
  • It is extremely powerful and durable, capable of tearing apart a Nitrium with it's bare hands and with less effort than any other drone could.
  • It is also highly intelligent, which is what makes it unique, this is shown in Ignition during the Storm Realm race, whereas the other drones were having problems on taking Kadeem out, RD-L1 easily dispatched him, controlling a drone into shooting a grapling gun to the back of his car then proceeding to push him out of the Racing track along with Kadeem.
  • RD-Kadeem was half the way through being turned into RD-L9, it is unknown the reason why Gellorum stopped his transformation.
  • An error or not, in The Ultimate Race there were 3 RD-L1 (RD-L1, RD-L2 and RD-L3), one being at the drones' base and the other two commanding the army of RD-S1s in the battle inside the Acceledrome. With one of them being taken down on-screen by a eletric charge caused by Gig,however, in Breaking Point, there were 8 of them, it is unknown were did RD-L4, RD-L5, RD-L6, RD-L7 and RD-L8 went or if they were destroyed.
  • A possible theory that explains RD-L1's mind being so important and his intelligence is that he used to be a human that was captured and transformed into a drone, like Kadeem, but unlike Kadeem, they're transformation was completed. According to this theory, the eight RD-L1s are theorized to be Banjee Castillo, Alec Wood, Dan Dresden and other humans who had been lost in the Racing Realms.
    • However, it is also theorized by fans that Banjee, Alec and Dan were rescued by the Silencerz and became members of the team.