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The RD-S1 are a rank of the Racing Drones, comprising most of the fleet.


They are a simplified version of the RD-L1, having 3 fingers on each hand instead of 5, being smaller and having different metal appendages on their body.

Their heads are also different, having two visible eyes instead of the Accelerons' symbol on the forehead. the visor is also more complex but less sharp than the one used by RD-L1.

Their chest has two rectangular horizontal lime lights and, like most of the other Racing Drones, their abdomen is composed of luminescent green wires. Their shoulders and forearms have the same metal appendages as the RD-L1 and they are around 7-9 feet tall.

Meet the Drivers Description

“Comprising the bulk of Gelorum’s racing fleet, RD-S1’s (Racing Drone Soldier 1) can expand out of their basic shape by deploying additional equipment, including special weapons and tools.”








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