"There's nobody driving these cars!"

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RD-W1's being launched out of a Sweeper in the Neon-Pipeline Realm.

Also referred to as 'Sweeper Drones', RD-W1 drones are the workers in the Racing Drones force, including the Sweeper.

They are first seen in The Speed of Silence, when Gelorum questions one about why the Sweeper is taking so long to be constructed. When the drone answers that there were "unforeseen problems," Gelorum executes the drone.

While RD-W1 drones do not drive any cars, they are used in the Realms by Sweepers. They roll out of Sweepers in supine positions, attaching themselves underneath the targeted vehicle to take control and force it into the Sweeper. This results in Spine Buster being destroyed in the Metro Realm, and Shirako's life nearly being taken in the Cliffside Realm.


  • RD-W1 has a similar appearance to MD-01.
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