RD-Kadeem, or Racing Drone Brian "Zone" Kadeem, was the current version of the original Brian "Zone" Kadeem, he was created when Gelorum used the Drone Assimulator on him in the graphic process that would permanently change how he lived, if nobody could prevent it or reverse his appearance. RD-Kadeem was lost in the suicide jump he did after every last remaining conscious thought of original Kadeem diminished. Unlike most Racing Drones, Kadeem was an incomplete example of a supposed perfect model and suffered minor biological flaws such as twitching, since the large number of robotic parts added to him put a toll on his body.

Personality Edit

RD-Kadeem was a huge conflict mentally and only had little consciousness remaining such as remembering so much of his old life at first and then slowly losing himself to the Racing Drone systems that were attached to his body and connected to his brain. Near the beginning of the second movie, he displayed a desire to bring Mark Wylde further into the Drone's side.

Gellorum's advanced technology had brainwashed Kareem and so he was forced to use weapons against his team, made him want to see his rivals or people he thought close to him be manipulated or tormented and he was extremely obsessive of his abilities.

Appearance Edit

RD-Kadeem looks like a mix of an RD-L1 and Kadeem himself. He has the legs, right arm, lower torso, abdomen and back-parts of the RD-L1 and the left arm, upper torso and head were kept from Kadeem during his reconstruction on the Drone Assimulator. At his cranial area, he possesses the markings of the Accelerons at his forehead which the drones have, his eyes are green and transparent like lens and his goatee also is given a glowing imprint, and the back of his skull is implanted with a metallic plate that connects the cord behind him to his back parts and his dreads are now striped. His organs were taken out so the wires for the lower body would be inserted to somehow connect to his brain, but his heart was left with two small cords that would keep it alive during his transformation. Also, his human hand that was left unaffected was given a black metallic assesory which could be similar to a brass knuckle, for combat much like Gelorum.

Like Gelorum in her true form, he also doesn't have the metal appendages RD-S1 and RD-L1 have and he was most likely drive his own vehicle without blending with it.