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"We were created to win! Winning is all there is!" - Gelorum

The Racing Drones are an army built for driving by the Accelerons. Their leader is Gelorum. Their team colors are black and green.

They have more advanced technology, and unlimited amounts of cars and drivers. They have tech that allows them to copy and re-distribute the abilities of Accelechargers throughout their drivers.


World Race

In World Race, Gelorum was thought to be the head of CLYP, a mysterious company who hired Kurt Wylde to win the World Race for them. Near the end of World Race, it is revealed that Gelorum is in fact a robot. The "drones" had a lot of changes to them done in the events before Ignition, as they are different colors and resemble robots more than humans.


Before Acceleracers

The Drones were built by the Accelerons to win. But they had forgotten what it means to compete, and not just win. So the Accelerons got rid of them. The drones hid deep underground until the humans learned to use what the Accelerons left for them.



No one knows where the Drones' old location was in World Race, but before the events portrayed in Ignition, the Drones' probably resided underground.

At the beginning of Ignition, the Drones take over Hot Wheels City, and it becomes their new Headquarters. The humans went into the Drones' Headquarters during the effort to save Markie.


RD-L1 - Racing Drone Lieutenant 1

RD-S1 - Racing Drone Soldier 1

MD-01 - Motorcycle Drone 1

RD-W1 - Racing Drone Worker 1

RD-Kadeem - Brian Kadeem

Gelorum - The Leader of the Racing Drones



  • The Drones are the only team to have invented a Hyperpod.
  • The Drones have the longest winning streak of any team, however, two of these realms only Drones competed in.
  • The Racing Drones are the only team to have ability to copy Accelechargers.
  • In Ignition, Gelorum downloaded the memories of one of the racing drones into a new robot, threatening to delete them if the drone failed again. This suggests a potential consciousness still residing in the drones, most notably the leading drones, which are prone to human-like emotions such as fear, anger, and disdain.
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