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The second leg is a track located in a mountainous environment with a rainforest. This is were episode two, The Greatest Challenge took place. It is also the location where the wheel was located.



Banjee Castillo made it to the portal first and got past a sharp turn. Brian Kadeem hits Taro Kitano, spinning him out of control and Mark Wylde hits his car accidentally, he later hits Alec Wood and Vert Wheeler after driving between them. Kurt Wylde keeps Banjee away from passing him, making Banjee disappointed. Banjee and Kurt spin later and Banjee finds a short cut, he tells his team and went to take the short cut with the Wave Rippers behind them except for Alec Wood. Taro was racing along with Krakatoa, Mojave, Dan Dresden, Harrison Lau, Rekkas, and Kadeem when Dresden hits Krakatoa and later three other drivers, making a huge crash. Kadeem and Taro get past successfully. Zed-36 aims to destroy the bridge that the Wave Rippers were taking, he bridge starts to collapse with Vert on. Vert uses the Deora II's jump jets. The Road Beasts discover a wheel. Brian and Taro race together with a jump ahead, Taro flies over Brian. Lani Tam uses her onboard computer to tell when the drivers to go through the wheel. When Mark went for it in 158mph, he gets hit by the wheel and his car's Nitrox 2 bar falls off. The Nitrox later explodes and destroys the wheel, it goes in a different speed. Vert and Banjee go and made it with success. The wheel explodes with Ric Handy spectating, he steps back. After the wheel exploded. all the drivers continued to race.


# Vert Wheeler
# Banjee Castillo
# Taro Kitano
# Brian Kadeem
# Kurt Wylde
# Toni Berry
# Lani Tam
# Mark Wylde
# Esmeralda Sanchez
# Krakatoa
# Mojave
# Griffin
# Harrison Lau
# Maximo
# Alec Wood
# Vesuvius
# Rekkas
# Pete Karris
# Everest
# Griffin
(Note: Griffin is listed twice due to an animation error, two Zotic vehicles could be seen at the start of the second leg.)

Finishing Positions

# Taro Kitano and Brian Kadeem
# Alec Wood