RandomWizKid (abbreviated RWK) is a YouTube content creator who uploads YouTube Poops, video essays and informational content on Acceleracers.


Garry's Mod

He created the channel on January 12th, 2012.[1] His first public video was "Star Boi", a Garry's Mod machinima animation parodying Star Wars.[2] He then would go on to create the RandomShorts series, a collection of shorts in Garry's Mod.

Acceleracers YTPs and Memes

He created his first Acceleracers YTP on December 14th of 2017, titled "Acceleracers: Ignorance".[3] He made a sequel titled "Ignorance 2",[4] and a third YTP to finish the trilogy titled "The Speed of the Ultimate Point".[5]

He created a compilation of sounds that were used often in Acceleracers: Ignition,[6] then proceeded to upload soundtrack rips from various Hot Wheels flash games and several joke videos.

He made a fourth YTP known as "Acceleracers: Car Fast" on August 21, 2018,[7] and a fifth and final YTP known as "Acceleracers: The Fifth One" on March 12th, 2021.[8]

AcceleRacers Analysis Series

Ideas for an Acceleracers analysis series on his channel began sometime around February of 2018, after many months of planning and writing, his first Acceleracers analysis video was uploaded it to his channel on September 27th, 2018.[9] Simply titled "Where's the Acceleracers Video Game?", it delved into theories and research revolving a around a potential Acceleracers game.[9]

His second Acceleracers analysis video was "Oddities and Details", a collection of obscure details and tidbits, in November 26th, 2018.[10] He uploaded a sequel in May 29, 2019, featuring details from fellow content creators Noloaf and Dr. RL123.[11]


RandomWizKid created and hosts a podcast titled HyperPodCast. It began on Febuary 27th, 2019, featuringNoloaf in the first episode. His second episode, released April 15th, 2019, featured ReeceTheR.


As of September 2nd, 2019, his channel has gained over 37,000 views and is at over 300 subscribers.[1] His most popular video is "Where's the Acceleracers Video Game?" having over 8,600 views.[9]


  • All of his videos were created in Windows Movie Maker, up until the Reused Sounds Compilation. He has used Adobe Premiere Pro since then.
  • He has shown interest in branching out of more than just Acceleracers content.[1]

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