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The Realm Cars are driverless, Acceleronian inventions that occupy only the freeways in the Metro Realm. These dull, grey vehicles are programmed to not steer away from drivers who enter the realm. It make sense for the AcceleCharger, Battering Bubble, to have a purpose of smashing obstacles without speed loss; considering the freeways lead to the portal.Two variants are present; a SUV and classic, compact coupe.


  • The coupe Realm car is modeled on a 1972 BMW 2002. The SUV takes shape and plenty cues from the 97'-02 Ford Expedition. Both are reused assets from Spiderman: The New Animated Series. In The Ultimate Race, it is revealed the coupe lacks exhaust or axxels.
  • 2 Silencerz were disguised as Realm coupes at first in the Metro Realm.
  • A rusty version of the coupe is seen in the Junk Realm. One is seen in the Acceledrome.