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Rekkas was one of the thirty-four drivers in the World Race. He was part of the Dune Ratz and drove Mega-Duty, he is also friends with Chuvo.


Ring of Fire

Rekkas can be first seen in the Handler Proving Ground. He is one of the the ten recruited drivers by Dr. Tezla to race in the first leg.

The Greatest Challenge

Rekkas spectates Mark Wylde joyriding the Sling Shot, he gets shoved by Kurt Wylde. He was also one of the twenty-two drivers competing in the second leg. In the leg Rekkas was involved in a five-car crash started by Dan Dresden.

Desert Heat

Rekkas is one of the thirty-three drivers competing in the third leg, he and Chuvo fail a jump and both land upside-down. He reappears on the track and finishes in ninth place.

Frozen Fire

Rekkas is one of the thirty-four drivers in the final leg.

Wheel of Power

Rekkas congratulates Vert Wheeler for winning the World Race, he can also be seen behind Brian Kadeem and Toni Berry.




  • 23/35 = Slippery Slope
  • 28/35 = ...How You Play The Game
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