Reverb is a Teku car that is driven by Vert Wheeler, after Power Rage was destroyed in the Water Realm.


It makes it's first on-screen appearance in Breaking Point, where the lift lowers it to the ground in the Acceledrome so Vert can use it in the Junk Realm. Aside from the fact Reverb was hit with an EMP burst by Accelium, Vert still gets the car out in one piece. The car was then seen again through the Ultimate Race through the racing realms against Gelorum. After all of the realms have been completed again, Reverb was then in The Sphere racing Gelorum to the Acceleron Portal. Vert smashes Reverb into RD-09, and both cars get thrusted into the air. Reverb lands upside down and Vert is forced to climb out of the car. After the fight with Gelorum, Vert takes the Accelechargers and prepares to head back to the Acceledome to help his teammates, the Acceleron gives Vert the Wisdom Ring and flips Reverb rightside up for Vert and makes a portal for him to get back to the Acceledrome faster with, anticipating the chance to finally race Vert. Once Vert is back into the Acceledrome, he uses Reverb and the Accelechargers to help fight off the remainder of the drones while the other humans hijack a Drone Sweeper to escape the Acceledrome, which is about to be blown up by Gig detonating all of the Nitrox 2 fuel in the compound. Vert shoots for the portal, telling Sparky that he has no idea where it is taking them, and make it through a second before Gig destroyed the compound. They hit the portal and Reverb comes through the portal in the Silencerz HQ. Vert was grabbed by Silencerz and tells Sparky to use the E.D.R. to get help from the others before Vert is pulled out and knocked unconscious. Reverb was last seen in the Silencerz HQ along with Vert, the Wheel of Power, the Accelechargers and the Wisdom Ring. It is unknown what becomes of the car afterwards.


  • 1100 HP
  • 7 Liter Beryllium DOHC V12
  • 8-speed transmission
  • Jump Jets
  • Nitrox II Afterburner, which Tezla installed into Vert's vehicle
  • Forged Exoskeleton Aluminum Body
  • Grappling Hook
  • 20' front wheels
  • 22' rear wheels
  • Top speed: 310 mph



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