Rivited is Taro Kitano's second car, after his'70 Plymouth Road Runner.


After Taro's former car '70 Plymouth Road Runner was damaged in the Storm Realm, he used this car for the rest of the realms until it got flipped over in the Racing Drones' headquarters during the effort to save Markie.

It enters the following realms: Swamp, Lava, Water, Metro, Ice, Neon Pipeline, Junk & Cosmic.


  • 815 HP
  • 427ci Twin-Turbo Fuel Injected V8
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Header, Cam and Intake Add-ons
  • Chromemoly Steel Tube Chassis with Carbon Body
  • 20" Front Wheels
  • 22" Back Wheels
  • Four Link Rear Suspension with Coilovers in the Front
  • Lava Plow
  • Ramming Blade
  • Volcano Tires
  • Complete vehicle shields
  • Grappling Hook
  • T-top sunroofs
  • Top speed: 295 mph



  • It enters the second most realms out of any car with 8.
  • This car closely resembles the 1965 classic Ford Mustang.
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