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The Road Beasts are one of the 6 teams in The World Race and are led by Banjee Castillo. They are experts at racing through swamp and jungle areas.

Team Members



The Road Beasts' theme colors are Green, Red, and Black. The special ability of the Road Beasts is a front-mounted Saw-blade, perfect for slicing through jungle vines and plant vegetation. The saws were also used to cut through the ice in the ice track at the end of the movie.

Music Video


Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race Road Beasts Theme

Road Beasts
Members: Banjee Castillo - Griffin - Pete Karris - Jerry Boylan - Skeet - Yucatan - Esmeralda Sanchez
Vehicles: Ballistik - Zotic - Twin Mill - Moto-crossed - Vulture - Power Rocket - Power Pistons