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The Ruins Realm is a realm entered by the Metal Maniacs, the Teku, and the Racing Drones in its respective Microsode (mini episode). The Microsode can be found on the Breaking Point DVD as a Bonus Feature.


Ruins Realm Mini-episode

The mini-episode starts with Tezla's drivers racing on a marble track. It is unknown where the entrance and exit portals are at as it is never shown. A huge mountain is apparent in the background and the track is surrounded by a tropical jungle of trees with white bark. The track is a bridge and carries the same shape of tracks seen in other realms, yet it is made out of marble. The realm is dominated by temple-esque pyramids with columns and Stone Colossuses. The architecture of the pyramids and the designs of the giant statues are product of a Mayan-like civilization. The flora and geography of this realm resemble northwest and central South America.

The structures of the Ruins Realm is ancient and can collapse at anytime. This may suggest that the skill to this realm might be is driving on delicate surfaces or understanding how the weight of a vehicle affects performance. The accelecharger of this realm might also give hints that the skill for this realm might be avoiding obstacles, but that makes it similar to the Micro Realm.

The Ruins Realm Accelecharger: Phantom Form allows the car to avoid colliding with objects by passing through them.


Ruins Realm Mini-episode

Enormous statues, falling columns and a precarious marble track sprawls through the Ruins Realm. It's rumored the statues come to life. That would explain the fist-prints in all the wrecked cars. -- official description of the card version in the Collectible Card Game.

The mini-episode starts with the Teku and Metal Maniacs driving on a bridge. Behind them is a Sweeper, RD-06s and RD-02s. Lani explains to them that this realm is called the Ruins Realm. The drivers split up to two different paths. While Karma is still being pursued by Racing Drones, she drives up a ramp leading to a temple covered with columns. An RD-02 crashes into a column, causing it to fall upon another column like a domino. Luckily, Karma escapes the temple. She sees a collapsed part of road on the bridge-track she is driving on. She uses the Junk Realm Accelecharger to drive over the section.

Meanwhile, Porkchop finds himself in a tunnel of a temple, going past Wheel of Power insignia. He finds a Drill Hyperpod to drill through the dead end of the tunnel. A Stone Colossus awakens. Karma stops in front of a Stone Colossus, terrified. She is saved by Porkchop and the Hyperpod as he drills through the Colossus. Shortly after, Vert crashes Nightlife into another Colossus. The bike falls on him. injuring him for a couple of races. When it is about to pick up the injured driver, it instead pickups a following Sweeper. Nolo comes to Vert's distress and helps him get inside of SpecTyte. The Colossus throws the Sweeper at them but fails doing so.

A backstory of the Racing Drones is given, narrated by Accelerons. The Racing Drones have forgotten the meaning of racing as it is not winning but striving to win. While their backstory is given, the Drones shoot a beam to the lightning ball found in the Storm Realm creating a portal. They drive through it, only to appear in an arctic environment. They plummet down with some being destroyed in the process. Doctor Tezla states that the Drones were created thousands of years ago by the Accelerons. After hearing traffic, the Drones awaken crawling in a creepy manner.

The Ultimate Race

As Vert is racing against Gelorum through all of the realm, this realm is included as well.

Drivers and Cars

Human Drivers

Racing Drones


  • The Ruins Realm seems to resemble the Monument Realm in appearance and its Accelecharger is similar, but the Monument Realm is never shown on screen.
  • The Drones won this race. As RD-L1 is walking towards Gelorum's vehicle with Tezla's and the Silencerz Accelechargers , their won Accelechargers can be seen in the compartment where they keep them, including the Ruins Realm Accelecharger.
    • This marks the first victory by the Racing Drones since the Water Realm.

Continuity errors

  • The drones are seen hiding in somewhere that looks like the Ice Realm, however it would be impossible for them to hear the traffic outside the realm.
    • They could be in Antarctica, however they still would be unable to hear the traffic.
      • The drones would have awakened much earlier than World Race if they were only awoken by car horns.
  • This assumes the Racing Drones began as Racing Drones, making the CLYP drones either remodeled racing drones or prototypes; however the Racing Drones would not have recruited prototypes, and if CLYP robots are remodeled versions of some drones.



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