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Scorchers are one of the 6 teams in the Hot Wheels: World Race movie. The Scorchers specialized in mountainous terrain and volcanoes. They also have a love of heavy metal music, a love that carried on with the 'Metal Maniacs' (the spiritual successor to The Scorchers) which were featured in Acceleracers. The Scorchers are led by Taro Kitano.

Team members



  1. '70 Plymouth Road Runner
  2. 1/4 Mile Coupe
  3. Red Baron
  4. '57 Ford Thunderbird
  5. Dodge Charger R/T
  6. '63 Corvette Stingray
  7. Muscle Tone

Exclusive video game cars

  1. Overbored 454
  2. Sooo Fast
  3. Silhoutte II
  4. Rodger Dodger
  5. Maelstrom

McDonald's cars

  1. Mitsubishi Eclipse


The Scorchers theme colors are black, orange, and red and all drivers have flames on their uniforms and cars. The Scorchers' special ability is a large bulldozer style "cowcatcher" to drive through volcanoes. Taro was also uniquely armed with a grappling hook.

Music Video/ Theme


"Scorchers Theme" - Ball Of Waxx - Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race

The Scorchers theme