The Silencerz logo.

The Silencerz are a secretive group who have very advanced technology. They prefer to let the other teams fight it out before they come onto the scene. They rely on stealth and deception to win.

Their team colors are silver/gray, and purple. The Silencerz have robot as well as human members. The floating robots they have are called X-88 Drones, and can enter the realms without a car. The members of the Silencerz wear full suits and helmets that also posses the same holographic technology to disguise themselves as the drivers of motorcycles or cars with exposed driver seats.

Their cars have numerous features; the most common being the camouflage/transformer-esque liquid, and being "magnetic". The Silencerz cars may also have an ability to jam and mess up radio waves; Shirako was listening to music and when the Silencerz came, his music became glitchy. The Silencerz also have holographic camouflage that allows their vehicles to turn into other teams' cars, and pose as them, making the other teams have inside conflicts with each other. (Such as when one posed as Kurt and won the Metro Realm instead of him), along with a more advanced version of the EDR that allows the drivers to take their cars out of the Racing Realms with them. Different Silencerz cars appear to have different features and abilities. For example, the same car Shirako faced was able to split itself in half and transform into two motorcycles. While another Silencerz vehicle can deploy a tiny silver ball which encapsulates a certain amount of matter from whatever it's attached to.
X-88 Silencerz Drones

X-88 Silencerz Drone


GIG in X-88 robot form.



  • It is possible that Banjee and the other drivers lost in the realms were rescued by the Silencerz. Though given the dubious nature of the Silencerz identities, but Banjee was confirmed by the CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, Jeff Gomez, that he is still alive in a Reddit AMA on July 13th 2018, but for the other drivers it's highly possible.
  • The Silencerz cars may be able to change into other Silencerz cars.
  • At the end of Ultimate Race the Silencerz have all of the Accelechargers, the Wisdom ring, Reverb, the Wheel of Power and Vert himself.
  • The Silencerz do not actually talk, but instead make kinds of electronic noises to communicate.
  • The Silencerz win the most shown realms: Winning the Metro, Ice, Neon Pipeline, Ruins, Cosmic, and possibly Cliffside Realms.
  • At the end of Ultimate Race it is revealed that Vert's father is a part of the Silencerz.