The Silencerz are a secretive group who have very advanced technology. They prefer to let the other teams fight it out before they come onto the scene. They rely on stealth and deception to win.

Their team colors are silver, white, and purple. The Silencerz have robot as well as human members. The floating robots they have are called X-88 Drones, and can enter the realms without a car. The members of the Silencerz wear full suits and helmets that also posses the same holographic technology to disguise themselves as the drivers of motorcycles or cars with exposed driver seats.

Dr. Tezla, after driving Nitrium into the Neon Pipeline Realm in an attempt to stop the Silencerz, was called into question by the Acceledrome. Dr. Tezla alleged that the Silencerz were "stealing technology" from him, but in the Ultimate Race, Gig reveals that Tezla actually worked for the Silencerz, before, for unknown reasons, stealing their technology and abandoned the team. It is possible that the Silencerz have been targeting Acceledrome drivers as payback for Tezla's betrayal.

Meet the Drivers Description


Alternate Silencerz logo

"Of unknown origin and shadowy intent, the Silencerz are a super-secret group of spies and undercover drivers. The Silencerz' vehicles, specially designed for sabotage and stealth operations, are invisible on radar and employ sonar technology that allows them to navigate in total darkness."



  1. Octainium
  2. Nitrium
  3. Anthracite
  4. Iridium
  5. Carbide
  6. Covelight
  7. Accelium
  8. Metaloid 
  9. Technetium
  10. Magnesium
  11. Titanium (unreleased)




From the back of a 2005 Acceleracers poster.


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