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Slingshot was a car driven by Kurt Wylde in Acceleracers: Ignition and World Race. It was Kurt's from World Race and was repainted in Teku colors.


It was driven in the beginning of Ignition and was later destroyed at the end of the Storm Realm, when it hit a drone car, flipped over, lost a wheel, and shattered the windshield. With only a few minutes to go in the realm, Kurt had to abandon Slingshot in the Realm.


  • 900 HP
  • Mid-Mounted V12 F1 Type
  • 12 Injectors
  • 48 Valves
  • 7 FWD-Drive Ratios
  • 2-speed reverse gearbox
  • 7-speed transmission
  • Grappling Hook
  • Nitrox 2
  • Spy Viewer
  • 2 seats
  • Neon underglow
  • Top speed: 289 mph


  • None of the returning World Race cars got made into the diecast mainline, but this car did get a Mystery Model release in 2021.
  • Along with the Chrysler Thunderbolt from Fluke, they are the rarest cars to get from the World Race.
  • Uniquely, Sling Shot has 3 different headlights placement in each media:
    • In World Race, the pop-up headlights are placed on the fenders
    • In World Race video game, they're placed at the very front, and are traditional type of headlights
    • In Acceleracers, they're placed on the hood of the car, once again became pop-up headlights


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