The following information is a rumor and/or fan speculation. Do not take as canon.
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The Sound Realm is an unofficial realm but theorized to be one of the 4 mystery symbols.

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Sound Realm: The Sound track is constantly shifting, and enveloped in near-total darkness. Drivers will need to keep their windows down and strain their ears over the roar of their engines to hear the track itself, or else risk slamming head-first into a wall.

Sound Realm Accelecharger "Sound Modulator": This Accelecharger amplifies sounds the driver needs to be aware of while silencing extraneous sounds, thus rendering sound-based hazards ineffective.


  • Only one of the 4 Symbols that were shown of the Wheel of Power through out the rest of the Acceleracers Movies.
  • Only one of the 4 symbols that did not get featured in the Acceleracers collectible card game.
  • The Sound Realm was claimed to be the "integral, ∫" shape symbol.
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