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Sparky is a modified RD-S1 reprogrammed by Monkey.



He is curious and quite helpful around the Acceledrome. Usually says "Hello" all the time


Sparky first appeared in Ignition, as the top half of a Racing Drone that came through the portal with Vert in the Storm Realm.

During the Cliffside Realm, the pre-Sparky drone steals an incomplete version of Flathead Fury, ultimately being stopped by Mark Wylde, who was still in the Acceledrome when it happened.

Later, in Breaking Point, Shirako gives Monkey drone legs, intended for Sparky, thus completing Sparky’s appearance onwards.




”Awesome!” - In the Ultimate Race.

”GAAAH!!” - Sparky, after distracting drones.

“Ooh! Doh! Ah! Ah!” - Sparky during dancing.



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