Spine Buster was a car owned by Markie "Wylde" Wylde, built to replace his Corvette Stingray, which was either destroyed or gotten rid of while he was in prison. The entire right side of the car is taken up by some sort of engine or oven as flames can be seen inside it. The vehicle is destroyed and ripped apart when Monkey is captured by a sweeper and its machinery during the Metro Realm. Tork had allowed Monkey to use it after Nolo smashed the windshield on Monkey's car. This event begins a rivalry between Wylde and Tork. Spine Buster enters 5 realms: Storm, Swamp, Cavern, Water & Metro (Driven by Monkey). After the car's destruction in the Metro Realm, Wylde switches to Flathead Fury.


  • Grappling hook
  • Lava plow
  • Asphalt anchor
  • Flamethrower

Die Cast Variations:Edit

  • 2005:
  1. Flat gray engine, 5 spokes
  2. Flat gray engine, 6 spokes
  3. Chrome engine, 5 spokes
  • 2006:
  1. Acceleron series: dark orange body
  2. Acceleron series: orange body
  • 2007:
  1. Holiday Hot Rods


Notes Edit

  • The Spinebuster appears to take some creative liberties off of the 2005 Corvette Z06 C6, mostly the front end of the car. The cockpit resembles that seen in modern day NASCAR race cars.
  • The Spinebuster is one of the only cars used by the Metal Maniacs confirmed to have a grappling hook, alongside Rivited. Seems like Markie really likes his grappling hooks.
  • Due to the way Spine Buster's engine runs, a distinctive hiss can be heard when the car is driving.