The Storm Realm is dominated by swirling clouds, foggy conditions, lightning strikes, and even at one point a vortex-like phenomenon that possibly resembled a Category F5 tornado the track looped inside of.

This realm is the first realm the racers enter and the first realm seen in the movies. Due to their lack of experience and their inability to work together, the racers took heavy losses, and Kadeem was lost.

. Out of the seven cars that entered the realm, only three and a half came back, of which only two were salvageable. RD-08 wins this realm.
AcceleRacers Storm Realm

Storm Realm

The realm is seen again in "The Ultimate Race" during the race between Vert and Gelorum.

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AcceleRacers Storm Realm Portal

Storm Realm Portal


  • This realm claimed 5 vehicles; the Plymouth Road Runner was struck by lightning, Rollin' Thunder was blown up by one of the Drones' cannons, Krazy 8's fell off the track, Deora II was cut in half, Sling Shot flipped over and lost a tire.
  • The "tornado" did not blow any cars off of the track, nor generate any performence-altering effects despite that the tornado in question was most likely a Category F4 vortex at bare minimum.
  • This is one of the only three realms that "powers down" once the Accelecharger is removed. The others are the Swamp Realm and the Cosmic Realm.
  • Theories point out that Alec Wood was lost in this realm and was rescued by the Silencerz or died struck by lightning.