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Please include all relevant information on a given subject. These must be based in fact through what is provided in the movies, and other official supplemental media by Mattel, Inc.


Names of music, literature, and other media should be italicized. The names of characters, locations, and events that align with the title of the page should be highlighted in bold for the first time they are written.


"Dr. Peter Tezla is a scientist."

"Vert loses the Water Realm in Acceleracers: The Speed of SIlence."


Please link to any articles for further reading. If mentions of the item re-occur, it does not need to be linked.


"Mark Wylde confronts Tork Maddox, and challenges him to a race. Tork accepts."


Any and all information pertaining to real life subjects must have sources and references confirming the information in question. If no accurate source can be found, it will be taken as conjecture, and will be promptly removed.


The beginning sentence must be a general overview and bio regarding the subject. Further sections with more details should also be provided. Relevant infoboxes are to be put on the top of every page.

Point of View

Characters, vehicles, events, and items are to be written in an in-universe point of view. Information unknown to the characters should also be unknown to the readers.


"Vert Wheeler is the main character of Acceleracers."


"Vert Wheeler is a street racing member of the Teku team."

Summaries and history on the characters are to be written in this way as well.

Real Life

For articles on real life subjects, such as the movies and staff, they are to be written in a real life point of view, in the present, as a standard Wikipedia article. All Trivia sections follow this as well.


As Acceleracers is an American-Canadian production, grammar and spelling standards of those countries will be employed throughout the wiki. This includes capitalizing the beginning of every sentence, along with periods, semicolons, etc. Proper nouns, characters, items and locations are to be capitalized as well. Exclamation points are not to be used unless in a quote by a character.

Internet phrases and slang terms are strictly prohibited.

"vert wheeler loses the water realm lol rip" vs. "Vert Wheeler loses the Water Realm."

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