The Swamp Realm was the second Realm the humans entered. It marked the debut of the Drill and Caterpiller Hyperpods. Banjee Castillo's car, Balistik, can be seen in the water, which foreshadows to "The Ultimate Race". This is the first realm won by the humans.

The track has dozens of insects and creatures lurking in the shadows, ready to attack at any moment. The skill for this realm is to stay on the best terrain given.

Driver​s and CarsEdit

Human Drivers

Racing Drones



Vert Entering The Swamp Realm

  • Five vehicles were damaged: Power Rage was busted, Jack Hammer's door was ripped off, Rivited and Synkro had a hole poked in their roof, Ballistik was busted.
  • Taro, Nolo and Shirako are the only three racers not to get attacked by the swamp monster at the end of the track. This is due to Taro dazing himself after engaging RD-L1, and Nolo being pushed aside by Tork and Wylde. It is unknown what happened to Shirako.
  • This is one of the only two realms in which there is more than one driver in one car, Porkchop and Monkey both ride in Jackhammer. Coincidentaly, both times occur with Porkchop driving and Monkey in the passenger seat.
  • Karma is the only driver not to compete in this realm.
  • This realm has the most participation by the humans of any realm.
  • This is one of the only two realms known to "Power down" after the accelecharger is removed.
  • In this realm, Banjee's car was seen half-submerged in the swamp. Earlier, Banjee and Kadeem went into the swamp realm. Banjee crashed, and Kadeem didn't have enough time, so he went back through the starting portal. It is unknown what happened to Banjee, but it is popularly believed that he drives with the Silencerz now. No drones made it through either, making the swamp realm the first uncompleted realm (until the humans arrived in Ignition).
  • This, along with the Acceledrome, are the only known place in the Acceleracers universe to be made into race-able tracks for your toy cars.
  • The Swamp Beast somewhat has an ability to speak English in the commercial for the Swamp Realm set.