The Sweeper Drone Driver is a Drone that drives the Sweeper through the realms with the sole purpose of acquiring the driver's vehicles, and their Accelechargers. It serves Gelorum under the Racing Drones team.


It is far different from all the other drones, it's size is something between the RD-S1's size and the RD-L1's size, something like 6,5 feet tall. It hasn't the iconical luminescent-green wired abdomen, instead having a solid black metal plate on it, it has a green light under their chestplate on both right and left size, the Racing Drones' logo on the middle of it's chest, it has rectangular green lights above their chestplate.

It has basically the same arms as the RD-S1, except smaller and without any car appendages. It's head has a "X" shape and it exports the accelerons symbol as it's only facial trace. The botton of the "X" shaped head glows green.

Its legs are the same as the higher casts of Racing Drone.



  • Although taller than the RD-S1, these drones are weaker than the RD-S1, they have been destroyed by a singe punch from Porkchop twice.
  • Unlike some other Drone casts, the Sweeper Drone Driver does not merge with his car when driving, that's why it doesn't have the metal appendages these casts have.
  • Only some of them had been show to leave their vehicle to attack, but they will do so if they detect an unauthorized driver inside the Sweeper.
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