Synkro was a car that was driven by Nolo Pasaro and Tone Pasaro in Acceleracers.

It was destroyed when Nolo's brother, Tone crashed. After it was rebuilt, it was dismantled by a Sweeper and RD-02 in the Metro Realm.


Synkro appears in the Swamp Realm, Lava Realm, and Metro Realm.


  • 500 HP
  • Fuel injected Twin-Turbo Rotary Engine
  • 7-speed transmission
  • Carbon Fiber body with Aluminum Monocoque chassis
  • 20" WR2 Series Y Wheels with 35 series rubber
  • Carbon Fiber racing brakes
  • 3 subwoofers
  • 3 tweeters
  • Speakers
  • Jump Jets
  • Neon Underglow
  • Top speed: 273 mph




  • Synkro's number is 7 in the series, but it's 1 for the toy version
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