"It takes more than a race to make a leader."

- Taro Kitano

Japanese-born, Taro Kitano is a member of the Metal Maniacs and former World Race leader of the Scorchers. He is voiced by Kevan Ohtsji.


Taro is very calm, cool, and collected.

Meet the Drivers Description

"Taro Kitano found a home within the Metal Maniacs after spending time on his own. His drive and perfectionism are only matched by the Teku’s, Karma Eiss. Their attraction to each other becomes a rivalry on the road."


Before World Race

He had fame and fortune, and skiied down Mount Everest twice.

World Race

Ring of Fire

Taro first appears in Tezla's complex, he walks away from Vert Wheeler in one scene. While testing his car's ability. Vert uses his jump jets which surprised Taro. On Highway 35, Vert and Taro race each other but Vert accidentally uses the grappling hook and attaches it to a rock. When the grappling hook's wire reached its limit, Deora II and the '70 Plymouth Road Runner spun. Taro leaves Vert behind and Vert later leaves to. Taro is one of the ten drivers racing in the first leg. He and Kurt Wylde were about to go for a jump but Kurt alarms him that they don't have enough speed. Vert Wheeler makes it to the loop and makes the jump. After Taro and the other drivers make the jump, Vert and Taro end up hitting their cars and fall off the track, Kurt Wylde, Banjee Castillo and Brian Kadeem pass the two. Zed-36 detonates a bomb next to the track and explodes after Banjee and Brian pass it. Taro uses his car's ability to run through the lava scorching between the tracks, Lani Tam tries to do the same but ends up on a rock. Taro goes to save Lani when she alarmed drivers. Vert goes too. They both use their grappling hooks to haul the rock up. Vert tells Lani to grab the hook so he can pull it out with her on. Vert's plan was successful and Lani was back on the track. Kurt wins the race afterwards. After the leg, Dr. Tezla gives Kurt, Brian, Banjee, Vert, and him the leadership for their teams.

The Greatest Challenge

Prior to The Greatest Challenge, Taro recruites two new drivers, Everest and Vesuvius. Taro is one of the twenty-two drivers in the second leg. Taro spins out seconds after entering the portal, Mark Wylde hits his car accidentally.





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