Japanese-born, Taro Kitano is a member of the Metal Maniacs and former World Race leader of the Scorchers. Taro is very calm, cool, and collected. His facial features are somewhat draconic. Between World Race and Accleracers, Taro broke up with the Wave Rippers' Lani Tam and developed an affection for Karma Eiss, whose personality-type is more like his own. He is voiced by Kevan Ohtsji.


Not much is known about Taro even though he appeared in both movies. All we really know is that he skied down Mount Everest twice.



  • Taro is the Metal Maniac pilot that has entered in the most number of unraced realms, a total of 9 realms (Storm Realm, Swamp Realm, Lava Realm, Water Realm, Metro Realm, Ice Realm, Neon-Pipeline Realm, Junk Realm and Cosmic Realm), tying with Kurt Wylde as the human pilot that has entered in the most number of unraced realms.
  • Taro appears to be the only character with the biggest redesign in Acceleracers. In World Race, Taro seemed to have Elvis-like hair, but returns in AcceleRacers with a ponytail and an odd skull shape.
  • Taro is one of the only two characters in AcceleRacers to be of Japanese background. The other being Shirako Takamoto.
  • Taro seems to be a bit of a play toy for the Silencerz, as they often mess with his head.
  • Taro is the only Metal Maniac not to have any form of facial hair (Monkey and Tork have Goatees, Porkchop has a mustache, and Wylde has sideburns.)
  • He is the only driver in the series to drive a licensed car, the Plymouth Road Runner.
  • Despite being former leader of the Scorchers and having a car best equipped to handle lava and extreme heat, Taro nearly lost his life in the Lava realm.