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Technetium is a Silencerz model hybrid. It is driven by Banjee Castillo.


Ice Realm

Technetium uses its car morphing technology to undertake the image of Chicane in the Ice Realm. While morphed, it's driver approaches Taro and pushes his car, Rivited, from the side, causing him to spin out. Technetium un-morphs farther down the track, making sure Taro cannot see it, and finishes the realm, making the Silencerz the winner of the Ice Realm.

Breaking Point

Technetium makes its next appearance in the credit intro for Breaking Point. It can be seen in the Silencerz HQ testing it's EMP Shock Device on a realistic model sedan. After the successful EMP test, it shows Technetium morph into Chicane. From Chicane, it morphs into a Metro Realm Car, and then back into its regular form. From there it uses its invisibility to cloak and proceeds to lead the rest of the cloaked Silencerz into an open realm.

Neon Pipeline Realm

It makes it's next appearance in the Neon Pipeline Realm when it drives in a line formation with the rest of the Silencerz cars on top the pipeline, all of the cars uncloak and jump down to another pipe, using some sort of electromagnet to pull the cars safely onto the surface. Later in the realm, Technetium comes for Taro once again cloaking itself as Chicane. Because Taro's radio is shorted out, Lani is not able to inform him of the Silencerz presence and the potential danger he is in, causing him to make the decision NOT to attack Chicane with the ram on his car. Taro stands down and pulls alongside of Technetium, and it uncloaks itself, revealing to Taro that it is not Karma. Technetium then uses the EMP tested in the intro to short out Taro's car again, losing the realm for Tezla's Team. Technetium regroups with the rest of the Silencerz cars and goes through the portal in a line formation. Shortly after Tezla's conference after the realm Technetium can be seen pulled up alongside of the rest of the cars in the Silencerz HQ, where the driver of Magnesium gives the Accelecharger to a group of Silencerz Scientists. Technetium appears in the Junk Realm next. The first time we see it in that realm it is driving with the rest of it's team towards the end of the realm. It cloaks itself along with the other cars.

It appears next at the Junk Realm, when the Junk Realm Beast leg is shrunken into the ball that Anthracite launches, it follows the rest of the Silencerz past that portion of the track.It then can be seen choosing a path as the Silencerz split up when the track splits at the end. This is the last time the car appears in Breaking Point.

The Ultimate Race

Technetium also appears in The Ultimate Race, and it surprisingly plays a very key role in the story-line. Technetium doesn't appear until very late in the movie. After Markie is rescued, a singular RD-02 can be seen driving through Hot Wheels City, and up a track towards a higher elevation. Eventually, the car will uncloak itself and it is revealed to be Technetium. It continues driving up a very tall building in Hot Wheels City that is holding the Wheel Of Power that Gelorum stole in Ignition. (Apparently she didn't take it very far, just decided to fly it across town?) The driver can be seen walking towards the wheel, Technetium is in the shot behind him. Technetium makes its final appearance in the very last final scene of Acceleracers. A team of Silencerz Scientists are studying the Wheel Of Power and trying to figure out how the Wisdom Circle fits onto it. Behind the team of scientists, Technetium is parked next to Reverb. Because of this we know that Technetium and it's driver stole the Wheel Of Power from Hot Wheels City and drove it back to the Silencerz HQ for examination. It is unknown how Technetium escaped the Drone Headquarters.



  • The car that Technetium blasts in the beginning of Breaking Point is the same model sedan that Major Wheeler drives in Hot Wheels: World Race, just a different color.
  • The drivers mask is the same as the action figure of Banjee Castillo meaning that he could be a possible driver, but as a Technetium EMP'd Taro in the Neon Pipeline Realm (echoes of World Race where Banjee passes Taro), it's likely to be him.
  • Although unrelated, this car also looks like Super Gnat.
  • It is the second Silencerz car to be named after an element in pure form, others are Iridium, Titanium, and Magnesium.
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