The Ultimate Race is the fourth and last installment of Hot Wheels: Acceleracers. It aired on Cartoon Network on October 1 2005 and was released on DVD on November 28 2006.


Noteworthy EventsEdit

  • Kurt manages to rescue his brother from the hands of the Racing Drones, yet his arm was turned into that of a drone.
  • Gelorum is defeated by Vert and is thrown into the void by an Acceleron.
  • Vert becomes an Acceleron and rather than discovering their secrets, he decides to help his friends on earth while they were being attacked by the Drones.
  • The Silencerz get the Wheel of Power and Vert is captured by them. Surprisingly it is revealed that Vert's father is a member of the organization.
  • The AcceleDrome is destroyed and Gig sacrifices himself to save Tezla and the other racers.


  • A fifth film was intented to be produced to continue the story. However, due to internal changes at Mattel, the film ended up never being produced, even though that few action figures were made based on the new ideas that would be used in the film. There was also a project entitled as "Strikers" or "Stunt Strikers" that went into production after AcceleRacers' cancellation, yet it was most likely a completely different universe featuring it's own characters and story according to the comic that were released during the McDonald's promotion in 2007.
    • Despite the fact that the fifth film was never produced, a German catalog featured a car named Titanium, which supposedly would appear in said film and would be driven by Vert. There was also an upcoming action figure line which would include Vert, Nolo, Shirako, Tork, Porkchop, Wylde (with his drone arm), Major Wheeler, Banjee (as one of the Silencerz), Kadeem (as a Racing Drone) and a drone.
      • Additionally, few ideas that weren't used in the fifth film and in the Stunt Strikers series were also recycled for Battle Force 5.