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This is about the Ultimate Race event. For the movie, see Acceleracers: The Ultimate Race.

The portal to the Sphere

The Ultimate Race is a long marathon race after several of the Racing Realms have been completed. It ends with the Sphere, and the winner is granted passage to the Acceleron homeworld. It can be accessed by combining the energy of 14 or more Accelechargers and will take the user through those realms to reach the Sphere. Any driver who uses the Accelechargers to cheat during the Race will not be granted passage to the Acceleron homeworld.



Racing Realms
1.0 Storm Realm - Swamp Realm - Cavern Realm - Lava Realm
2.0 Water Realm - Metro Realm - Cliffside Realm - Ice Realm
3.0 Neon Pipeline Realm - Junk Realm - Ruins Realm
4.0 Cosmic Realm - The Ultimate Race - The Sphere
Other Fog Realm - Warped Realm - Monument Realm - Canyon Realm - Chrome Realm - Wind Realm - Solar Realm - Labyrinth Realm - Blizzard Realm - Cybergrid Realm - Reactor Realm - Micro Realm - Forest Realm - Unknown Symbols