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The following information is researched by fans and is subject to speculation.

Titanium was an unreleased car that would have been the 11th unique car in the Silencerz crew. The image depicted on the right was a version shown in the Hot Wheels Deutschland May 2006 issue catalog. The color scheme is the normal Silencerz paint and livery.

Known information

As depicted above, not much is known about this car, or why it was never released. However, there are patents for this car as a part of the action figure series[1]


  • It is the 4th model to be named after an element in pure form, the others being Iridium, Technetium, and Magnesium.
  • Almost all of the models are named after some sort of element, element type, or chemical compound, with the only exceptions being Octainium, Covelight, and Accelium
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