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"You wanna be the leader now, little bro?"

- Tone Pasaro

Tone Pasaro was the older brother of Nolo Passaro, and the founder of the Teku. He was voiced by Craig Veroni.


Meet the Drivers Description

”Tone Pasaro, Nolo’s older brother, was a legendary racer and the founder of the Teku. During a race against Tork, the leader of the Metal Maniacs, Tone died in a car crash. This infamous event sparked the current bitter rivalry between the two teams. Nolo blames Tork for his death, even going as far to suspect that the Maniacs tampered with Tone’s car prior to the race.”[1]


Tone founded the Teku team, and began to have a fierce rivalry with the Metal Maniacs team. One day when he was racing Tork Maddox, his car crashed and blew up, killing him. After this event, Tone only appears in flashbacks to guide Nolo during races. Nolo finds his advice to be very helpful, and it sometimes even wins him the race. Although his brother took up leadership of the Teku, Nolo only has a rivalry with Tork, because he blames him for Tone's death. This has gotten him in trouble many times, and even almost hurt or killed a few times. But after much reflection and talking with Karma, Nolo realized that the crash was in fact Tone's own fault, and that he drifted too much, trying to "show off" as Karma said.


You trying to take my place?

It's like taking a curve, bro. It's not so hard finding the right line; the hard part is staying in it. Just remember, Nolo: stay in the groove.




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