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Hot Wheels: Track Mod is a flash puzzle game released by Mattel on the Hot Wheels website. The goal of the game is to get six cars through obstacles to the end of the Realm within a time limit and can shuffle the track pieces with Track Mod Accelechargers.

The game no longer works on the official Hot Wheels website, even though it’s still hosted.[1]

It's re-hosted on many other Flash game sites, but the audio does not load. This is due to the music being loaded in a separate file from the main game.



Hot Wheels - Track Mod

Gameplay of Track Mod

Track Mod features randomized track pieces across the board, and the player must click on the track pieces to match them up across the board in order to get their respective car to the end.

If the player matches up the track pieces correctly, the car will start driving and gain points each piece it goes over, and can collect Mods or Hazards along the way.


Only Teku cars are featured in the game, and there is no difference to the cars you lead to the end, it is purely visual.

The cars are also notable for using the diecast versions, and the differences from them are the same here.


An in-game picture of Track Mod

There are 6 track styles and 6 backgrounds, after the 6th realm it cycles randomly between them and increases in difficulty.


  • Accelecharger Bonus - An orange Accelecharger that gives extra bonus points.
  • Accelecharger Bonus/Track Mod - A blue Accelecharger that allows the player to re-shuffle the track by clicking the Track Mod button in the bottom-right corner.
  • Booster - A speed booster that allows the car to speed up.
  • Green Clock - Gives the player a time bonus, which increases the time limit.
  • Shield - Allows the car to have a force-field and be fully invincible against any hazards.


  • Plasma Cloud - A ghost-like effect that causes the car to slow down.
  • Track Lock - A shiny metal track that is unable to be changed by the player. If the player is able to pass it, bonus points are given.
  • Red Clock - Gives the player a time delay, which decreases the time limit.
  • Ice - A slippery track that makes the car spin-out and not be able to move for a period of time.
  • Oil - An oil spill that makes the car spin-out and be slowed down afterwards.
  • Lava Flow - A disguised track that can catch on fire and can cause the car to slow down.
  • Dust Storm - A disguised track that can send the car back to the start.
  • Track Pit - A disguised track that can collapse and can send the car back to the start.
  • Portal - A disguised track that can open a portal to send the car back to the start.
  • Gear Crush - A track with 2 crushers that can destroy the car and send the car back to the start.


The game was designed and programmed by Steve Fulton[2]. The game's art direction was handled by Roger Lueras.[3]


On the official Hot Wheels website, the game has been played over 148,700 times and is rated 3.5 stars out of 5 in the in-site star review system.[1] The games was played millions of more times from 2005-2010 before the play counter was added to in 2010.[4]



  • The Shield power-up is similar to the Accelechargers aura in the movies.
  • Synkro and High Voltage are in the game, both being owned by Nolo Pasaro.
  • For unknown reasons, the first level uses music from a horror movie called Spirits of the Dead, composed by MannyMan.[5]
  • The game was titled Acceleracers: Track Mod, until after Acceleracers was cancelled, in which it was renamed to Hot Wheels: Track Mod. The Acceleracers branding was removed, but characters and in-universe logos such as Teku and Clone were kept.

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