The following information is researched by fans and is subject to speculation.

On the Wheel of Power, there are approximately 30 symbols coinciding with the Racing Realms. The following is a list of symbols that correspond to unknown realms that have not appeared in the Acceleracers movie series and Card Game, or are otherwise mysterious.


  • Leaf symbol - Possibly the Forest Realm, mentioned in the Forest Inferno hazard card.
  • Crescent symbol
  • Integral symbol
  • 3 dots symbol
  • 3-like line symbol - Same as the Lava Realm symbol but upside down. Likely an animation error.

World Race

In Hot Wheels: World Race, the symbols were simply used for world building.[1] As World Race preceded Acceleracers, 6 symbols naturally got left out when adapting the symbols into Racing Realms. They can be seen easiest on the fake Wheel of Power in the Desert Leg.

  • Dot inside checkmark symbol
  • Open square symbol - Could possibly be an early version of the Metro Realm symbol.
  • U shape with line symbol
  • Half circle line symbol
  • Hook symbol
  • S-like symbol


  1. “For me they indicated a greater universe beyond the different realms the teams had already raced, so in retrospect it’s both!” - Jeff Gomez on the symbols on the Wheel of Power
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