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This article uses a fanmade title due to the lack of an official name in canon.

Unobtanium is a seemingly rare metal element utilized by the Silencerz. It can bind to vehicle chassis and camouflage itself into various shapes, sizes and colors.


It seems to rest in a liquid-like state, before being attached with electricity to Silencerz vehicle chassis. Once in the desired shape, it turns bright for a brief second before solidifying into a metal. It can also seem to form purple glass and purple circuitry.


It is first seen in Breaking Point’s opening when Banjee Castillo is lifted down into the Technetium chassis. There, a tank depletes it’s amount of the metal and it binds itself to the chassis, and takes it’s shape as Technetium. Assumedly, this process is applied to all Silencerz cars. After firing an EMP blast, Banjee camouflages the car into Chicane, Battle Spec, and a Realm car. It then returns to its Technetium appearance and drives into the Silencerz portal.



  • It is the fifth Silencerz object or thing to be named after an element in pure form, others are Technetium, Iridium, Titanium, and Magnesium.
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