So yes above this blog page it just says whatever it says, or whatever, because I am quite new to the blogs on wikia, so I don't know much about doing one, so you know can you tell me how to do one for the titles on my talk page please?

As for much tell me if you liked that machine that turned Brian Kadeem into Drone Kadeem, or had a creeped out reation on your face, Brian Kadeem certainly did when his body was finished for good from the gory transformation. Sheeeeeeesh! So go and tell me your opinions and ideas of what we should have seen. What I thought was to see how the machine was able to turn him with the surgical tools on the front and back, since it was facing in front of him. It also should have shown how it was able to use nothingness to make the drone parts for his arm, wires, ect. I also would have liked to see if it was able to turn him while he may have squirmed or not, because he was moving around while it was able to do that. Wow animators are able to make mystery to their creations.